Empirika is a design leadership firm helping iconic and emerging brands develop world-class experience design teams

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Built on a foundation spanning two decades, helping brands like Adobe build better design teams.

Empirika's founder

With over two decades of experience in design and leadership across four continents for startups, scale-ups, and established tech giants like Adobe, Empirika’s founder, Joel den Engelsen, is well-versed in the art of design leadership. Through Empirika, he offers his extensive experience to clients looking to establish, enhance, or evolve their experience design teams.
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Why Design Leadership

Design leadership is the foundation upon which everything else is built. From stewarding the direction of tomorrow’s genre-defining digital products to building and inspiring the experience design teams responsible for executing the idea and bringing the vision to market.

Great design leaders inspire and create visionary design teams.

Inspiring, guiding, building, and planning: seasoned design leaders know how to do all four while creating world-class experience design teams.

Visionary design teams create impactful digital experiences.

Innovative, disruptive, creative: the most talented design teams have the ability to see beyond the horizon and envision tomorrow’s digital products and services.

Impactful digital experiences have the power to change the world.

Beyond being merely useful, usable, and desirable, digital experiences have the power to impact culture, influence our view of the world, and change how we interact with it.

To change the world, first you need the right design leadership

Enter Empirika. We’re here to help iconic and emerging brands plan, build, and lead tomorrow’s experience design teams.

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